Let’s Talk Tactics

First, welcome!  I’m very glad you’re here and I’m  very glad you’re taking the time to read this.

This is the awkward part of creating something, introducing it to the world; so this is the purpose of this blog.

First, I’m a student in the logistics world working towards her B.S. in Operations and Supply Chain.  I fell into the world of logistics and I’d love to talk your ear off about how much I adore this niche of business, but you can head over to “About Me” to hear all of that.  Time is of value.

But falling into this world definitely left me with more questions than answers, what is logistics? Wow, there’s a lot of certifications…. which one is for me?  What kind of job can I get in this field?

Valid questions, valid issues.  It’s a vast and ever growing field, and I’d like to say I have more of a grasp on it than I did last year; but I know the field is always changing and it’s a challenge to stay on top of things.

So perhaps, you’re like me, in the realm of existing as a student and feeling completely overwhelmed and this, my friend, is why this blog exists.  To hopefully set some guidance and help on your journey.  A few things will be discussed here:

  • Terms specific to the supply chain and logistics world. There’s lingo that’s helpful to know as you grow in your educational adventure.
  • Keeping a pulse on the world of logistics and supply chain – the more you know, the better prepared you are.
  • The varying organizations that are there to help and support you with your career.
  • The multitude of certifications that you can obtain and what each certification entails.
  • General overall, and I mean broad brush strokes, of the issues in logistics and what’s going on to solve them

There’s so much to touch on in this field and I hope that this may help you just a smidgen.  I know how overwhelming the field is. But we learn best from our mistakes, we learn better from other people’s mistakes – so hopefully my stumbling through the beginnings will make your foot work a little more fluid.





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