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I love data and numbers and making sense of them, so it makes sense I’m in this field.  I started off with a B.A. in Philisophy, and like many people who graduated 10+ years ago, that degree got me absolutely no where.  But I did obtain a job where I worked my way up from a receptionist to a project manager.  In 2014 I decided to focus fully on going back to school to get a degree worth having; part of it was so I could have a little further job security, another part was to prove to myself I could.  I struggled with this idea as I was older but a friend of mine said, “So? You’re going to be older anyway, why not make something worth while?” She had a point, so off to enroll I went.

I considered a career change and actually enrolled in a local community college with the idea of pursuing a Nursing degree.  I still had some prerequisites to finish, as I talked to my adviser after my first semester he implored why I wasn’t pursuing something in business as I had 10 years of really good experience… and then that the nursing program was backed up with applicants and it may be another two years until I could actually get in.

I explained that a business degree was so broad and that everyone was getting one, I didn’t see how it gave me a competitive edge. So he talked candidly with me about the field of logistics and how much growth it had and told me to think on it over winter break.  He registered me for both the prerequisite nursing program and the logistics program, told me to make a decision and then he’d drop whichever program for me.

Classes started January 7th and I made my decision January 3rd.  The more and more I read about logistics the less thrilled I was about nursing.  And here’s an important side lesson: do not go into a field just to please other people or because you think it’s what they want or they’ve made it clear that’s what they want you to do.  You’ll be miserable.

My first class in logistics was like falling in love.  It really was, I had butterflies and everything and then passion ignited and I found myself in my own little world, very happy and very content, challenged and room for growth and exploration.

I graduated with my degree in Global Logistics Technology in May of 2017 and will be starting my Masters in January of 2018 in Data Analytics (I’m a force to be reckoned with).

I hope you feel the same way because this field is fascinating and I’m very excited and humbled to be in the position that I am.

Many Well Wishes,


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